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Artemis Elevatoris an engineering company engaged in the production of control systems and serial Haberleplace Butoner. All necessary electrical and electronic components, including machine room and well compatible with all elevator systems, are one of the pioneers of the industry with its innovative and dynamic structure, which is manufactured with plug-and-play technology. With our expert engineers and technicians, we offer the latest technology and modern standards, flexible customer-oriented creative solutions.


Our most important mission is to move our customers one step ahead of their competitors by offering effective warranty and after-sale services and attractive economic terms. Artemis Elevator, It sells to 35 countries as of 2017 years. With thousands of systems working safely in different parts of the world, it controls elevators and strengthens its customers.

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General Manager Message

Established in 2006, Artemis lift, lift control systems, floor and Cabin buttons
is an engineering company specializing in. 60 + employees and expert R & D staff
We produce 5,000 + lift control panels and ready-to-plant butonplace annually.
Despite its sophisticated structures and high technologies, the systems we produce
Featured with user-friendly interfaces and easy-to-install features, the customer
Are modern products shaped by their demands.
As of 2017, our products are exported to 35 countries, from 30,000 to
Our extra control system works confidently in different parts of the world.
Yohan Özyürek
General Manager

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more than 500 product types

Industry Pioneer In Innovative And Dynamic Structure

  • Exporting to 38 countries worldwide.
  • More than 500 product types prepared with quality oriented production principle.
  • High quality functional solutions suitable for all types of elevators
  • Tens of thousands of elevator control systems working confidently for years.

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