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ART-1 Peripherals

Lift Mainboards

General Features


– Compatible to EN81-20/50

– Full collective 32 stops, 2,5 M/S capacity

– Direct landing, adjustable stopping distance

– Controls all types of elevators, simplex, dublex, VVVF, MRL, Hydraulic

– Double door control

– Door blocking for both doors on any floor

– Freely programmable 2 relays on main controller, 2 relays on inspection board

– Digital shaft copying via lift motor or overspeed governor encoder

– 2 CANbus ports for landings and cabin communication

– One socket connection with all Cop’s and Lop’s

– Parameter acces via computer

– Lift monitoring programme

– Individualised PC software

– Next direction arrows

– Gong output on every landing

– Lift start counter

– Adjustable maintenance period

One Controller Limitless Applications

High Capacity and Fexibility

ART-1; with its CANbus communications, programmable inputs and outputs, and computer software can command all types of elevators; Simplex, Dublex, VVVF, MRL, Hydraulics, Two speed.

Invidual, Compact, Plug & Play

ART-1 can be individualised with its special computer software. All the connections are Plug & Play. Safety circuits, bridging relays, phase control unit, digital shaft copy and other electronic units are assembled in one compact mainboard.

Smart Software

ART-1 has a Windows based special software. Using this programme, every elevator controlled can be addressed, stored and when needed all the parameter settings and datas can be transfered with one command. Errors history is stored with date and time, and all the parameter settings are simply made via programme.

ART-INS Revizyon Kartı

ART-INS Inspection Board

– All connection terminals Plug & Play

– CANbus communication via mainboard

– Plug & Play flexible connection

– 2 automatic door control standard

– Freely programmable relays

– Freely programmable inputs and outputs

 – Internal battery charge unit

– Plug & Play connections with COP


SCM Board

SCM Board is a functional terminal board,safety circuit chains can be tracked via LED’s on the board.



ART-1  Displays are plug & play via CANbus communication. All types of displays are compatible to EN81-20 standards.


CTB Board

CTB is a CANbus communication board between COP and inspection box. Via CTB all cabin buttons, display and other equipments are connected to inspection box by using one single cable.